AMACAR Group’s skilled staff will use its expertise to provide unparalleled independent manager and independent directorship services.  

AMACAR Group has extensive knowledge developed through direct involvement in a wide variety of domestic and international structured transactions, securitizations, alternative investment vehicles, private equity funds, hedge funds, project financings, insurance related investment products, escrow arrangements, co-investment vehicles and special purpose vehicles.  

By utilizing the AMACAR Group for directorship services, management services or other non-consolidation services, our clients introduce a highly experienced party in a continuing capacity within the transaction, providing a significant benefit and built-in institutional knowledge. AMACAR Group’s managers and directors are able to attend board meetings, arrange board meetings and maintain transactional documents and files, corporate books or take other governing actions as necessary. As the market continues to evolve, due to regulatory and financial changes, AMACAR Group distinguishes itself by having the transactional experience necessary to lead or assist clients in taking full advantage of the new and innovative opportunities that may arise in this new environment.

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