Established in 1995, AMACAR Group is comprised of experienced, highly professional individuals with expertise in complex transactional structures, sophisticated financing transactions, various administrative requirements and innovative management and governance solutions.

AMACAR Group services a diverse mix of clients from an array of industries.  Our clients range from large top tier international banks, insurance companies and real estate companies to alternative investment funds, pharmaceutical companies and international import and export shipping container companies. AMACAR Group is experienced in transactions ranging from alternative investments, private equity funds, securitizations and commercial paper conduits to guaranteed insurance contracts, structured finance, project finance and merger and acquisition escrow arrangements.  When an experienced, professional, intelligent and innovative solution is needed, AMACAR Group is the right solution.

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Our Team – AMACAR Group’s Credentials

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+ Douglas K. Johnson
Douglas is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of AMACAR Group, with transaction and management experience in both capital markets and commercial bank structured finance executions. Prior to AMACAR Group, Mr. Johnson was Managing Director and Head of the Asset Securitization Department of First Union Capital Markets (now a subsidiary of Wells Fargo and Company) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. Johnson was also a Managing Director in the Asset-Backed Markets Division of First Chicago, and Senior Transactor in Corporate Asset Funding, the division of Citicorp devoted to securitization. Mr. Johnson has not only structured and closed transactions, he has designed and established operations, created and restructured SPEs, and worked with most of the major participants in the market. Mr. Johnson received a Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors in Economics from Harvard University and an MBA in Finance from The Harvard Graduate School of Business. For more information, click here to email Doug.

+ Juliana C. Johnson
Juliana is Founder, Director and Officer of AMACAR Group, has coordinated with major domestic and international clients in the design and management of their structured finance operations. Ms. Johnson also serves as an independent member of the board of directors for numerous structured financings. Prior to AMACAR Group, Ms. Johnson spent twelve years in managerial positions with AT&T, including extensive sales and marketing experience. Three of these years were spent directing an AT&T initiative that lead to the formation of international joint ventures. Ms. Johnson received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance from The Harvard Graduate School of Business. For more information, click here to email Juliana.

+ Karla L. Boyd
Karla is the President of AMACAR Group and has been with AMACAR since 2008. Karla has extensive experience in securitization, structured finance, alternative investment vehicles and fund transactions. As a Senior Attorney-Advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C., Ms. Boyd worked on Regulation AB, the regulations governing all publicly filed securitization transactions. Ms. Boyd was also involved in new types of securities and deal structures, accounting treatment of subsidiaries and SPV’s, mutual fund related issues, Real Estate Investment Trusts transactions, and filings for broker dealers. Following her years at the SEC, Ms. Boyd went into private practice at a large international law firm. She worked on various securitization transactions including off shore asset backed transactions and structured finance transactions. After private practice, Ms. Boyd worked for Bank of America where she helped to establish BACAP, the in house distributor of Bank of America’s mutual funds; supported the mutual fund and annuity group; and advised on various investment funds including, REIT and Asset Securitization funds. She is currently a licensed attorney in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. Ms. Boyd received her undergraduate degree from Harvard College and her law degree from The George Mason School of Law. For more information, click here to email Karla.

+ Evelyn Echevarria
Evelyn is the Vice President of AMACAR Group and has been with AMACAR since 2000. Evelyn has experience in establishing and managing SPEs used by clients for structured transactions, and serves as an independent member of the board of directors. Prior to joining AMACAR Group, Ms. Echevarria had over twenty years of managerial experience at several General Electric Businesses, including financial services and business development. Ms. Echevarria worked extensively in international trade and development for various GE businesses selling medical equipment, locomotives, and financing. During her tenure, she successfully negotiated international joint ventures, counter-trade agreements and financing contracts. In addition, she has trained with GE Capital on transactional quality. Ms. Echevarria is a graduate of the GE Financial Management Program and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government from Cornell University. For more information, click here to email Evelyn.

+ Doris J. Hearn
Doris has been the administrative manager of AMACAR Group since September 2000. Ms. Hearn has over twenty years experience as a legal assistant and twenty years of administrative and managerial experience. Ms. Hearn spent twelve years as a legal assistant to the managing partner of a prominent California law firm. Upon relocation to Charlotte, she secured a similar position with the third largest firm in the area, working in the asset-backed securitization department. Currently, Ms. Hearn manages the administration of the legal entities owned and operated by AMACAR Group. In addition, her duties also include document control and the filing of federal and state tax returns. For more information, click here to email Doris.

+ Patricia C. Harris
Patricia is an accounting manager for AMACAR Group. She joined AMACAR Group in 2000 and brings extensive experience in administrative, marketing, and accounting responsibilities from several companies in Charlotte. Ms. Harris manages receivables and payables for AMACAR Group and its affiliates. In addition, she is responsible for client-related accounting responsibilities. Ms. Harris is an official notary public for the state of North Carolina. For more information, click here to email Patricia.